Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers

Red Bud, IL

Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers is proudly owned and operated by Glennda Naeger and Luke Simpson. Both of us grew up on farms and share a love for animals. We have 3 children, Claire age 9, Cletus age 6 and Cloe age 3. Raising and training lab puppies in Chicago and St. Louis is a family affair here at Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers! Whether its cuddling new born Labrador puppies or exercising dogs, everyone helps out and enjoys the company of mans best friend.

We are located in Red Bud, IL and our home and kennel sits on 10 acres. We have a big beautiful lake right out our back door that the dogs and puppies enjoy in the warmer months. We are just 45 minutes south of St. Louis MO! 

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THE HEALTH OF OUR DOGS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! We use several different canine specialists to help us provide the best quality care for our dogs and lab puppies. All of our adults have yearly eye exams performed by a certified canine ophthalmologist to ensure that they don’t pass on any genetic issues or faults on to their offspring. We also have our adults certified by the OFA and/or Pennhip. This helps us prevent our lab puppies from getting hip and elbow dysplasia. Although hip and elbow dysplasia is mostly genetic, it can also be caused by a poor environment. That is why we are so particular on how our puppies are housed starting at birth. And lastly, we test all of our dogs for EIC, CNM, DM, PKD, RD-OSD, PRA-PRCD, and HNPK. We guarantee none of our puppies will be affected by any of these diseases. ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE DILUTE CLEAR! You can find information on the above health screenings at

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about the health testings we perform. 

Thank you,

Glennda, Luke, and Family