What People Are Saying…

Thank you Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers. I was looking for a hunting dog, and spent my time researching for a quality breeder. I chose Simpson’s. I’m from PA, so it was a 13 hour drive to get there, but the things they exposed their puppies to in their first 8 weeks made the decision easy. From the moment I met Glennda and Luke, I was impressed. Their care and attention to detail of their facility was more than I expected. I have had Bridger for almost 5 weeks, and she is an amazing dog. I have never trained a dog before, but she learns quickly and responds so well. Even though she will only be 7 months old, I can’t wait to take her hunting this year!!! If you are looking for a quality Lab, I highly recommend Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers.

Kevin Campbell

Huntingdon, PA

Hey Glennda,

I thought you might like to see a recent picture of Diesel! He’s got 3 Sr Hunter passes now and working on getting his title the 1st week of May and then on to Master!



When we lost our beloved chocolate lab of 12 years, we knew we must have another. We did lots of research on breeders all over the state of Illinois, and we are so pleased that we chose our new pup from Luke and Glennda at Simpson’s Labs. They were so accommodating and answered all of our questions. They even drove to meet us at the local airport for the exchange. Let me tell you…they produce beautiful pups and our guy, Kilo, has such a wonderful temperament. We have had a very easy time training him since he’s so smart! I would not hesitate to buy another lab from Simpson’s Labs, in fact I feel like I have a lifelong friend in Glennda who has been a constant source of support and information through this crazy puppy phase.

The Priester Family


My husband and I could not be happier with the experience we had getting our pup from Simpson’s Labradors! We got to take Demi home right before Christmas last year and not only had she obviously been impeccably taken care of but her temperament and social skills were amazing. You can tell Glennda loves and cares for these puppies like her own! As two new puppy owners we had a lot of questions, and still do, and Glennda is always a quick message away with professional advice. Even our vet was impressed with the care our pup had received prior to us taking her home! Truly an amazing experience and we can’t wait to get our next pup from Simpson’s Labradors.

Lindsey and Blake Smith


Glennda Naeger of Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers in Red Bud, Illinois is the breeder you want to deal with if you want a “high quality” labrador retriever puppy. Glennda and her husband, Luke Simpson, and their three small children provide the much needed human contact that puppies need in their first eight weeks with sound and touch stimulation. At seven weeks they are introduced to water and working with live birds. A few days before my puppy was born I received texts from Glennda informing me that my puppy’s mom was getting closer to going into labor. She even asked me if I would like updated texts throughout the evening. After a long day of puppy deliveries Glennda posted pictures on Facebook of a very tired mom and her eight nursing puppies. Every week multiple pictures of each puppy were posted on Facebook. Videos were also posted of the puppies in action that showed their ever changing energy level. I believe Glennda’s approach to keeping her “puppy families” informed is better than making an appointment to see the litter. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” On pick up day when I met my puppy, Lucy, I felt I already knew her. She slept in my arms most of the six hour ride home, and adjusted easily. I thought she might cry and keep me awake the first night, but she slept straight through the night in her kennel without a sound. She was partially potty trained when I brought her home. Most of the time she knows to ring a bell when she has to go out, goes in her kennel on command and sits when requested. She is a smart 14 week old puppy. Also on pick up day I saw firsthand how organized Glennda is. She has the “worldly introduction” of these little lives down to a tee. Check out Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers on Facebook to see for yourself. Glennda treats all litters the same. She is an excellent breeder and I highly recommend her.

Kathie Wusler

Wauwatosa, WI

We are so thankful for Glennda Naeger of Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers in Red Bud Illinois! My family wasn’t sure we were ready for a puppy, but when my daughter saw your Facebook page we fell in love! Later that night, the Muzzy/Tru litter was delivered! We immediately put down our deposit and anxiously waited for the conformation that the first pick male would be ours! Our whole family anxiously waited for Sundays to see our puppy’s growth. We could always count on Glennda to post exciting videos and images. Glennda’s updates made the long 9 week wait bearable. We were so eager to finally meet our puppy (Franklin) when we arrived at Glennda’s home! Our 4-hour drive was full of anticipation! Glennda and her family were both friendly and professional. They answered all our questions and immediately showed Franklin to us. Glennda even checked up on us the following weeks to make sure Franklin was making a good transition. We were so glad that he was already crate trained and potty trained! Since then, almost 4-month-old Franklin has begun puppy training classes. He is learning new commands every week! Franklin loves taking walks and running in the backyard with soccer balls. He has even made friends with our 13-year-old black lab (Stanley) and our outdoor cat (Lloyd). Franklin and Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers are so much more than we could have hoped! Franklin has made a great addition to the family with his goofiness, cuddles and energy!

The Kilcoyne Family

Indianapolis, IN

When my husband and I decided to look for our family’s first dog, we spent a lot of time researching. We found many others who bred Labradors all over the country, of course, but Luke and Glennda felt different. I followed their Facebook page and read every page of their website to get a feel for them before I ever committed to Simpson’s. They REALLY love their dogs and puppies. Once it was time to go pick up our new puppy, Glennda and Luke made it very clear they would always make themselves available if we needed them. (And they have!) They’ve given tips and advice as we’ve navigated the puppy stages and are a great sounding board anytime a question comes up. They are really invested in these animals even once they go home with their new families. Glennda and Luke are great to work with, they’re warm and friendly and, most importantly, they’re responsible with their dogs. I highly recommend Simpson’s if you’re considering adding an amazing dog to your home.

Amber Ling


Simpson’s Labs has given us the first addition of our family. The registration process to the pick up day was nothing short of amazing. Glennda and Luke kept us informed throughout the eight highly anticipated weeks leading up to us picking up Porter. We looked forward to every Facebook post and weekly photo shoot. We hadn’t even met our puppy yet but we already felt as if we had known him for a lifetime. Porter is extremely smart, well behaved, playful, and most of all loving. We owe everything to Glennda and Luke for instilling these behaviors in Porter at such an early age. Porter is first and more most a family dog. He interacts well with children of all ages and has never acted out of temper. His morning snuggles and electric energy brighten our days and motivate us in every aspect. I highly recommend Simpson’s Labs to anyone looking for a high quality, well trained, and people friendly Labrador Retriever. Porter has been nothing but a blessing to us and we owe everything to Glennda and Luke!

Joe and Tess

Chicago, IL

I’ve always had a dream of having a chocolate lab. One day I decided to follow through and search online for chocolate lab puppies. One of the first pages I found was Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers, I immediately could tell the quality puppies were the best ones out of all the other pages I visited. Seriously, cutest dogs ever. I saw that they were located in a small town in Illinois and I didn’t even care(I lived 17 hours away by car) because I knew I wanted one of their chocolate lab puppies. The process was super easy to reserve a puppy and they are very lenient when it comes to the time frame to put your deposit in. I drove to them from Florida and they kept in contact the whole trip to answer any questions I had on the way. When I got my puppy I immediately fell in love with my new baby Kobe. They keep their house very clean and sanitary for the health of the puppies which meant a lot to me. They even have their basement reserved just for the puppies. I was even given a puppy package which came with a blanket my puppy still uses today. You can definitely tell the puppies are taken care of so well before they go to their homes because Kobe was so good the whole trip home he just slept and played with his toys. The first night in his crate he didn’t make a sound. You can just tell how much love and training Simpson’s Labradors put into their pups. Kobe is a very quick learner and aside from all he is the best looking lab in my neighborhood, I always get asked where I got him from. Even after you have your puppy if you have any questions it’s just a call or text away. Very efficient with replying quickly and helping out as much as possible. I couldn’t ask for a better behaved pup.



Carol and I wanted to thank you and Luke for a great pup. It’s obvious the work you guys do with the litter during the 8 weeks you have them before they go to their forever homes. Trey is about 4 months, weighs 40 pounds and really smart as can be. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family. If any of our friends are looking for a Lab pup we would highly recommend your breeding program. Tell Holly and Raider they did good.

Dave Sharp

We received our puppy Mo from Simpson’s in early 2018. We had lost our 5 year old chocolate Mary unexpectedly in December, and my husband had said, “No more puppy heartbreak.” I said, “Wanna bet?” Mo is a gem. She, from the start, has been the most affectionate and social of any dog we have owned or met. She is gentle and rambunctious, goofy and obedient. It is obvious from the facility as well as their attitudes that the Simpson’s have the welfare of these dogs as their number one concern. According to Mr. “No more”, Mo is showing great potential as a wonderful duck dog. Honestly, that’s fine but mostly we are just thankful that she’s such an amazing animal.

Madge and Kevin Carney

St. Peters MO

Story of Abe
Our Expectation: Like many looking for a Labrador, our top priority was a good family dog and as a bonus, a hunting companion. “Abe” was born 22 January 2017 from Stella/Ezra. Abe is a very smart dog who loves life, my kids, other kids, other dogs, swimming and hunting to name a few. I have never had a problem with him destroying anything in our house, but will bring you anything wood related outside weather it is a stick, log, or a wood ladder. Hunting: Training Abe to retrieve birds consisted of 15 minutes a couple times a week. Beyond the regular obedience commands, we would do simple dummy retrieves to him searching in an area with tall grass/brush. His drive to keep working in a pattern to find the bird was all him. For September dove season, I decided to take Abe (@7months old) hunting with a group to see how he would do. Not only did he work well with another dog, but over the season he successfully retrieved about 60 doves, of which 15 were absolute blind retrieves where we just pointed him to an area we couldn’t find the dove. Duck season (@9months old) was much the same, once he got a smell of a duck, Abe was on it and retrieved 36 ducks. He again worked good with other dogs and again performed blind retrieves on ducks that sailed further than expected. Abe is typically by my side when hanging around the house, but definitely knows when I am loading up the truck to hunt, and then he will not leave the truck. Family Member: Every day I can count on Abe playing with my kids. I can also count on either seeing them laying on Abe or Abe laying on them. This is really the best part, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Recommendation: My experience with Simpsons Labrador Retrievers (SLR) was great starting with our research of SLR for our next family member. I am a big fan of the video/photo postings on Facebook and that the Simpsons kids are involved. You can tell Simpsons love each pup that is born. I have zero prior bird training experience, but SLR gives them a huge jump start by getting them out swimming, helping to break them of being gun shy and retrieving live birds all before 8 weeks old. If you are looking for a family member and a potential hunting partner, Simpsons Labrador Retrievers is a must.

Tim Lubenkov

New Athens, IL

I did a very thorough research when looking for my new puppy and, I have to say without a doubt, that I found the best breeder. Glennda takes an enormous amount of time to introduce her puppies to their potential new owners. She posts still pictures as well as videos on a weekly basis if not more often. The puppies are socialized with other dogs as well as children and adults. She introduces them to swimming, hunting, crate training and potty training. My puppy is now 5 months old. She loves to play fetch with her ball and frisbee, is a great swimmer and responds to commands. She is the smartest dog my family has ever owned. If you don’t want to go wrong when selecting a breeder for your new puppy, then I highly recommend Simpsons Labrador Retrievers.

Danielle Wojno

Pinckney, Michigan

I found Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers after searching online and not finding any local breeders that seemed reputable or with any available puppies. Our yellow lab, Reed was born June 29th, 2016 and we could not have asked for a better dog. I was initially drawn to Simpson’s because of their knowledge about the breed and guarantee to produce healthy dogs. I loved that Glennda made sure the puppies in Reed’s litter, and all the other litters, were exposed to various environments (indoors, outdoors, getting one-on-one attention, and more) prior to going to their new homes. Glennda invited my husband and I to visit Reed’s litter when they were around six weeks old and she let us see their other dogs as well. It was evident from that visit that all the dogs are kept in a clean environment and are well cared for. Reed has a drive to retrieve and is showing all signs that he will be a great bird dog, we are very excited for this to be his first year to hunt. He has a great temperament which is not unusual for a Lab of course, but he is pretty laid back for a pup. Reed is a loveable, sweet boy who enjoys cuddling almost as much as he likes retrieving. In addition to his drive and great temperament, he is a beautiful dog. Our experience with Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers from first contact to now (as Glennda still asks about Reed) has been great. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family!

Amanda Atkinson

Muncie, IN

I bought my seven month old lab from Glennda back in January. I was referred to Glennda by a friend and certainly was not disappointed. My lab, as all their labs are, is beautiful and incredibly healthy. I received all medical and pedigree information on Lute. Lute came microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations when I adopted him. Glennda cares a lot about the dogs and continues to check up on Lute to ensure he’s doing ok and to answer any questions that I may have. I can’t wait to get my dog a sibling in a few years. I would highly recommend purchasing your dog from Glennda.

Cate McGinty

St. Louis MO

My family and I have adopted two fabulous Chocolate Labs From Simpson’s Retrievers. Our first boy, Zachary Oliver was adopted on May 27, 2013 and his brother, Gary Jefferson, from the same parents, on December 16, 2014. It was obvious that when we adopted our boys that they had been well cared for and loved before we got them. They were bred in a clean environment with room to run and play. It was also nice to get to meet their parents. Glennda, their first human mom still follows them on Facebook. Both Zack and Gary are healthy, vibrant family dogs. They love all people, love to swim, play ball, take long walks and snuggle. Our next lab will definitely come from Simpsons Retrievers.

Amy Hartung

Belleville IL

Hey Glenda, I’m the guy who bought Diesel Cruze from you last year, black lab male puppy. I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of him. He just got back from upland/waterfowl/obedience training with Steady On Point training out of Woodstock. They are outstanding and have gotten Diesel to a great point. He’ll be leaving in mid-January to head down to Arkansas with Corey from Wobbly River Retrievers to continue working toward his masters field certifications. They all think he has tons of potential. He’s fantastic to hunt with so far and I can’t wait to see him after Corey finishes with him. We’re heading out duck hunting with him this next weekend and hope to have some more photos and maybe even some video to share if you want to see them.



December 29,2015…our boy Jaxx was born. He was born in a litter of 11 pups. Complications warranted a cesarean procedure. An infection developed from the procedure. The infection entered the mother’s milk and puppy’s began to expire. Thanks to the quick response of Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers, 2 of the pups were saved. Glennda put them on bottle feeding and mothered them when they necessarily had to take them from the mother. The first couple of months of Jaxx’s life he grew slowly off of mother’s milk, but he grew. He is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. He is a beautiful Chocolate Lab. He is healthy, friendly, playful and well behaved. He trains easily. The whole process was a good experience. We were communicated with on a regular basis. We visited Jaxx just for a meet and greet. The Simpson family made us most welcome when we visited. Their facilities are clean, they are very friendly and at the same time professional. They are very knowledgeable and always ready to help in any way possible. Things happen and problems arise. The degree of success we achieve in our lives is defined by how we respond to the challenges. From our perspective, Simpson Labrador Retrievers is a 5-star breeder. We have a high level of confidence in these folks and will recommend them to our friends and family if any of them are seeking a happy healthy puppy…. Great job Simpsons!

Frances and Doug McCarrell

Naperville, IL

About a year and a half ago, we were looking to buy a new member for the family. I found Glennda on Craigslist and thought I would come out to see if any of the litter was what we were looking for. While looking at the pups, we decided that one of them were the cutest puppies we had ever seen. Little did we know that he would turn out to be one of the best dogs we’ve ever seen. From day one, he learned very quickly. I planned on taking him duck hunting when he was ready and every new exercise we did, he picked up in minutes. This will be his first year going and I can’t wait until he retrieves his first duck. I know he will be just as excited as I will be. Everyone who meets him has nothing but great things to say about him. He listens like very few dogs out there and wants nothing more than to make you happy. We have had no health issues what so ever and look forward to spending many years with him. I would recommend buying from her to anyone. We couldn’t be happier in our purchase.

Chris Rendelman

Maryland Heights MO